Monday, January 31, 2011

California Dreamin

Hello, Happy Music Monday. Living here on the east coast this winter has been tough, as many of you know, so today after hearing of yet another storm this week, I thought it would be a good day to escape the winter blues and do some California Dreamin!! Ya, I think for mental health reasons, I'll be cranking up this song while I walk on my treadmill today!! I love this video too because it show's the 60's era. I know for sure, I would have been a hippie if I was a teenager then:) Enjoy and escape along with me on this cold Monday morning LOL!
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Funnies

Hi Everyone, I felt like goofing off today as usual, and having a couple of laughs, so if your feeling like me, I know you will enjoy these. You have got to at least watch the classic Delicious Dish, even if you have seen it before, it will still make you laugh!! Sorry if you get an ad, I don't know how to get rid of them, if you do let me know :)
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Happy Friday,
Janet :)

For a devoted drinker!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three Paths Of Letting Go

Hello, How are you today, Good I hope. I decided to get back to some of the Loving Kindness meditations I use to share. I just came across this overview of LK meditation and I thought it is a good way to reintroduce the meditation. We do have the power to change our patterns of thinking, and feeling towards ourselves and others around us. If you find yourself at a point in your life that your tired of carrying the baggage of the past, tired of feeling anger and judgement towards others around you and yourself, try these LK meditations, even informally, by just simply saying the simple words and doing the practices for yourself. From my own experience, I can honestly say they have helped me to let go of a lot, with more and more ease. Most of all I have learned that it is so true, that "we are as happy as we make our minds up to be". Nothing or no one can do it for us, but us!
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Janet :)

Three Paths Of Letting Go


Forgiveness has great power. In this meditation you will ask for forgiveness from those you have harmed; you'll forgive those who've harmed you, and last but not least, you'll learn to forgive yourself. Either formally (full meditation pose and breathing) or informally by simply closing your eyes and saying to yourself "To those I have harmed, knowingly or not, I ask for your forgiveness". Now think of someone who has harmed or hurt you, don't be surprised if you find it hard to feel an immediate sense of of love or even kindness for this person. You are setting your intention and having faith that you are capable of forgiving this person. It may not happen right away, but in time possibly. Use the phrase as you did above, but simply change some of the words to "For any harm that you have caused me, knowingly or not, I forgive you" Then think of yourself, how you have not been true to yourself, hurt yourself, and or not lived up to your own expectations (don't a lot of us need this one!) and simply picture yourself, as you did above to others, and say "May I forgive myself". It may sound too simple or dumb to some people but words really do have power, and if you never work on forgiveness, you will never achieve a life full of loving and kindness and who really wants that?? Not me :)

An Overview of Loving-kindness Meditation

Loving-kindness meditation can be brought in to support the practice of 'bare attention' to help keep the mind open and sweet. It provides the essential balance to support your insight meditation practice.

It is a fact of life that many people are troubled by difficult emotional states in the pressured societies we live in, but do little in terms of developing skills to deal with them. Yet even when the mind goes sour it is within most people's capacity to arouse positive feelings to sweeten it. Loving-kindness is a meditation practice taught by the Buddha to develop the mental habit of selfless or altruistic love. In the Dhammapada can be found the saying: "Hatred cannot coexist with loving-kindness, and dissipates if supplanted with thoughts based on loving-kindness."

Loving-kindness is a meditation practice, which brings about positive attitudinal changes as it systematically develops the quality of 'loving-acceptance'. It acts, as it were, as a form of self-psychotherapy, a way of healing the troubled mind to free it from its pain and confusion. Of all Buddhist meditations, loving-kindness has the immediate benefit of sweetening and changing old habituated negative patterns of mind.

To put it into its context, Loving-kindness is the first of a series of meditations that produce four qualities of love: Friendliness (metta), Compassion (karuna), Appreciative Joy (mudita) and Equanimity (upekkha). The quality of 'friendliness' is expressed as warmth that reaches out and embraces others. When loving-kindness practice matures it naturally overflows into compassion, as one empathises with other people's difficulties; on the other hand one needs to be wary of pity, as its near enemy, as it merely mimics the quality of concern without empathy. The positive expression of empathy is an appreciation of other people's good qualities or good fortune, or appreciative joy, rather than feelings of jealousy towards them. This series of meditations comes to maturity as 'on-looking equanimity'. This 'engaged equanimity' must be cultivated within the context of this series of meditations, or there is a risk of it manifesting as its near enemy, indifference or aloofness. So, ultimately you remain kindly disposed and caring toward everybody with an equal spread of loving feelings and acceptance in all situations and relationships.

How to do it . . .

The practice always begins with developing a loving acceptance of yourself. If resistance is experienced then it indicates that feelings of unworthiness are present. No matter, this means there is work to be done, as the practice itself is designed to overcome any feelings of self-doubt or negativity. Then you are ready to systematically develop loving-kindness towards others.

Four Types of Persons to develop loving-kindness towards:

• a respected, beloved person;
• a dearly beloved - which could be a close family member or friend;
• a neutral person - somebody you know, but have no special feelings towards,
• a hostile person - someone you are currently having difficulty with.

Starting with yourself, then systematically sending loving-kindness from person to person in the above order will have the effect of breaking down the barriers between the four types of people and yourself. This will have the effect of breaking down the divisions within your own mind, the source of much of the conflict we experience.

Ways of arousing feelings of loving-kindness:

1. Visualisation - Bring up a mental picture. See yourself or the person the feeling is directed at smiling back at you or just being joyous.

1. By reflection - Reflect on the positive qualities of a person and the acts of kindness they have done. And to yourself, making an affirmation, a positive statement about yourself, using your own words.

3. Auditory - This is the simplest way but probably the most effective. Repeat an internalized mantra or phrase such as 'loving-kindness'.

The visualisations, reflections and the repetition of loving-kindness are devices to help you arouse positive feelings of loving-kindness. You can use all of them or one that works best for you.

There are as many different ways of doing it as there are levels of intensity in the practice. This introduction is intended to help you familiarize yourself with the basic technique, so that you can become established in the practice before going on, if you wish, to the deeper, systematic practice - to the level of meditative absorption.

The Book I use and recommend

Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello Everyone, Seems I have been busy these past few days. I will be even busier today playing with Bri, so here is a little inspirational poem for your day.
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Janet :)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Detour Doesn't Mean Delay!

Hello Everyone, I came across this article on Facebook. This article really hit home for me. As some of you know by reading my blog, I have expressed that being 47 yrs of age, I do sometimes get discouraged that I am not further along in my life with some of the goals I had set myself. Goals I wanted for myself such as being able to make a career out of my degree. I "should be" financially independent by now, I should be able to go buy myself and my kids and grand kids just about anything they need or want, this Christmas was heartbreaking for me, I couldn't afford to give like I really wanted to. "I should be" able to travel, etc. You know, "the shoulds", that eventually will drive you to almost want to give up! Most of all, if you follow me on this blog you know I have I had a detour this past year as well, with no one to blame but myself. Although I have been doing so much better with accepting what is and making the best of my situation lately, this article really gave me a new perspective on my life's journey. Maybe it is not a bad thing after all, maybe it was all meant to be (for some strange reason, very strange indeed LOL!) I probably will be better equipped with more tools to handle my goals when I do reach them. One good thing I know for sure is I will be able to get more help paying for college this year because of my recovery, and who knows if that had not happened, maybe I could not have afforded to go at all, so ya, maybe a little detour isn't such a bad thing after all:) I hope that you see that for yourself too if you find yourself in the same place as me. Keith of Straight Up Living was kind enough to let me share this with all of you. Straight Up Living is a great blog, I love what it represents, I believe in all their views about life, which I included below. I suggest you check it out for some inspiration!
Thank you for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)


Detour Doesn't Mean Delay!

You have a plan. You know exactly what you want in life and you've mapped out the route to get you there. Everything's moving along just fine until one day you notice that you've been diverted from the direct route to your destination! Before you start freaking out, take a very close look at what's happening. It may be that this detour is the quickest way to get where you want to go. The detour may be getting you around a roadblock!

Whatever your goal or dream may be, there will be knowledge, skills and experiences you will need in order to make it a reality. When you begin your journey, you'll probably not be fully equipped with all you'll need to complete it, so you'll have to pick some things up along the way. In other words, you may have to take a little detour now and then.

Detour Doesn't Mean Distraction!

When you first hear the word "Detour" it kind of brings with it a negative feeling doesn't it? It's a feeling that you're about to be taken off course or significantly delayed. This isn't necessarily the case. When you're driving down the interstate at 70mph and you come upon a construction zone and find yourself at a complete stop in bumper to bumper traffic for as far as the eye can see, you'll be more than happy to take the detour around it, right? Why is that? Because it is the quickest way to get where you want to go!

Here's another example. Your moving on down the highway and you notice your fuel gauge is resting on the big "E". You don't want to leave the interstate because after all, you're making good time. If you don't detour off and refuel, you'll soon be setting on the side of the road making no time at all! Just as you must leave the main route to get fuel for your car, there are times in life when you must detour from your path so that you can acquire some skill, knowledge or experience that will actually get you to your goal quicker than if you had bypassed the detour.

A detour will eventually lead you right back to the main road. If you see that you are continually getting further and further away, then it may be that you followed a distraction instead of a detour!

Detour Doesn't Mean Deviation!

It's easy to view any deviation from your carefully planned route as a delay or as something that is taking you away from your dream, but that isn't necessarily the case. Keep in mind that with any journey you undertake, you won't be able to "pack" everything you'll need and you must be prepared to "pick some things up" along the way.

Straight Up Living is about living life now! What does that mean?

It means:

* to be aware of the present.

* to accept responsibility for your own life.

* to not quit.

* to boldly move forward in the face of fear.

* to not postpone happiness and peace.

* to have goals, but remembering to enjoy the journey.

* to not make excuses.

* to not wear masks, live out loud, and be the person you really are.

* to never stop learning and growing.

* to seek with an open and honest heart (and mind).

* to not be afraid to ask questions about life, and to embrace the answers.

* to love full on

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What It Is All About

Hello, How are ya today, good I'm sure! I am not a big Miley Cyrus fan, but I just love this song. It rings true for me the past few months and I am sure it does for many of you. Today I have reached the 7 month mark. It feels great every day having a head that is clearer and a heart that is filling up with more and more love. My goals are getting back on track. I have started the paper work to go back to school this year, I have started the Chantix and I have cut way back on smoking. Soon I should be free of that addiction because I refuse to lose, I'll fight until I win. I'm working out just about every day on my treadmill and amped up my walk with ankle and wrist weights. When the weather gets somewhat better around here I am going to get myself some spiffy new sneakers (like my favorite character Forrest Gump did, LOL!) and just start runnin! But if any of my local friends see me face down on the sidewalk, feel free to call 911, maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all!! Until I can get out of these 4 walls I have bought myself a Zumba dance like DVD to do at home too to help kill time and boredom, I'll let you know if it is any good. I'm trying to eat healthier, you know more fruit and vegetables, and oh happy day they have put a Pinera Bread down the street from me along the bus route, woo hoo, Chicken Ceaser Salad here I come! So for the first time in 47 years I really want to take care of myself for me, not for anyone else, like I never have before. I never want to stop working on getting stronger both physically and mentally. I feel there is nothing or no one that is ever going to bring me down again, no mountain I can't climb, Ya I feel that strong and it feels incrediable, so if your in a place of hopelessness or despair and that voice inside your head is saying "You'll never reach it", your never going to achieve your dreams, like I have heard one to many times in my head, remember if I can do it my friend, you can too, you can climb, one day at a time, that is all it takes, that is what it is all about.
Thank you for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)

I can almost see it
That dream I am dreaming
But there's a voice inside my head saying
"You'll never reach it"

Every step I'm taking
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction
My faith is shaking

But I gotta keep trying
Gotta keep my head held high

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb

The struggles I'm facing
The chances I'm taking
Sometimes might knock me down
But no, I'm not breaking

I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I'm gonna remember most, yeah
Just gotta keep going
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Creed To Live By

Happy Sunday Everyone, I love this inspirational poem, it is truly a creed to live by. I hope it inspires you too.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)

white Pictures, Images and Photos

A Creed To Live By

Don't undermine your worth by
comparing yourself with others.
It is because we are different that
each of us is special.
Don't set your goals by what
other people deem important.

Only you know what is best for you.
Don't take for granted the things
closest to your heart.
Cling to them as you would your life,
for without them life is meaningless.

Don't let your life slip through your fingers
by living in the past or for the future.
By living your life one day at a time,
you live all the days of your life.

Don't give up when you still have something to give.
Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.
Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect.
It is this fragile thread that binds us to each other.
Don't be afraid to encounter risks.

It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave.
Don't shut love out of your life by saying it's impossible
to find. The quickest way to receive love is to give love.
The fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly;
and the best way to keep love is to give it wings.
Don't dismiss your dreams.

To be without dreams is to be without hope;
to be without hope is to be without purpose.
Don't run through life so fast that you forget
not only where you've been, but also where
you're going. Life is not a race, but a journey
to be savored each step of the way.

~ Nancye Sims ~
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Like A Sunflower

Hi Everyone, Yesterday was the third anniversary of my mother's passing. I want to pay tribute to her today, she is "Dolly", her nickname growing up for those of you who did not know that :) I started this blog to help with the grieving process of losing her, and it has been that and more. Time does make remembering easier. When I think of her today, I think of the happier times more and more, and not the painful ending. I truly feel the words to this song. She will always be a part of me. Her love, I feel is like a flower, it grows inside of me to carry on and give it selflessly and compassionately to everyone. When I chose to live my life that way, I serve her memory well. When I go to her grave I only bring Sunflowers. I just love them. Symbolically the Sunflower's petals represent bright yellow rays of sunshine, which evoke feelings of warmth and happiness. The Sunflower is also associated with adoration and longevity. A perfect way for a daughter to remember her mother.
Thank you for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)

There's a hole in my heart
No one else can fill it
There's a feeling I have
No one can replace
There's a taste in my mouth
No one else can give me
There's a song that I hear
No one can erase

Why would I want them to
I'm still looking back at you
Why would I want them to be you

You'll always be a part of me
What you love can never let you go
You'll always be inside of me
Like a flower you grow

There's a strange melody
Sends me straight to heaven
There's a voice in my head
No one else can hear

There's a prayer that I say
Always brings me closer
To the presence of you
To always have you near

No one can take your place
I'm still looking at your face
No one can take the place of you

You'll always be a part of me
What you love can never let you go
You'll always be inside of me
Like a flower you grow

Like a flower you grow

Why would I want them to
I'm still looking back at you
Why would I want them to be you

You'll always be a part of me
What you love can never let you go
You'll always be inside of me
Like a flower you grow

Like a flower you grow

Monday, January 10, 2011

Faith In Me

Hi Everyone, Happy Music Monday. This weekend I was reminded how lucky I am to have a husband who has always had faith in me. His faith has made me stronger by the day and I have never felt better about myself or my life. I hope you all have that special someone in your life that has faith in you on the days you don't in yourself. It can make a world of difference.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Funnies

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday! Time for some laughs right? right, glad you agree with me! I hope you enjoy these clips from some of my favorite shows.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Renew Your Spirit

Hi Everyone, How are you, I am doing good. I thought as the new year starts I would share with you some simple ways to renew your spirit! Especially if you are like me and find yourself in your second half of life looking to start over. With the daily stresses of life it is so easy to lose that spirit of feeling alive and truly enjoying life. I'm not sure who wrote these suggestions I found online, but I think they spot on! I hope they rekindle something inside of you.
Thank you for visiting my blog,
Love ya,



Many of us wander through life "off course." The wonderful and exciting world we once believed in is lost to us. We struggle on, full of fear. Doubts plague our minds. Our hearts are heavy. The zest and "joie de vivre" have trickled to a slow drip. We are out of touch with our true, inner identity. The springboard for interior exploration is taut. We are unsure - but it's time to probe deep within, beyond the wall of our own personality, into the realms of true intellectual, philosophical and spiritual thought. This refurbishment of the spirit makes it possible to continue as a responsive human being. Use the following steps and you'll emerge from your adventure refreshed and eager to continue life's journey.

Cherish moments of silence and stillness. Try to be alone at least a few minutes each day. We need time to face ourselves. In today's hectic world we keep ourselves so busy with other people, we never take time to probe within. REFLECT, often we are afraid to. Psychologists and psychiatrists reveal the close ties between good mental health and self-acceptance. Find the stranger within!

Sometimes it takes a major life change to break the pattern and set us on the path to self-renewal. Such drastic changes needn't occur before you can take a look at you. Refuse to remain trapped in old habits. Broaden your scope and add spice and perhaps years to your life. Don't settle for less than you know you are capable of attaining. Loosen up those opinions and ideas!

Fear dampens the spirit and destroys our courage. Keep the guiding light within burning brightly. Too often we avoid new things because we are afraid of failure. That fear drains the color from our brightest days. But if we are to grow in spirit we must learn from our mistakes. And it is a life-long process. Risk means chance of failure or success. Taking a chance on life is not just a line from a song - it's REALITY. If you want to attain a fuller, richer life. Take a leap!

We are never aware of the true range of our abilities until we challenge them. As we grow older we often lose the enthusiasm and energy for life we once knew. Dig deep into the spirit for long lost motivation. When you enjoy what you are doing, new vitality will shine from within. Return to your childhood dreams and hopes. Find the key to your talents!

Familiar surroundings tend to make us less attentive. Travel renews our perception, our awareness. PURSUE new interests and people. As we see new places and meet new people, through the act of friendship, we learn to respect their differences and this enriches our own life as it broadens our horizons. Have faith in others by showing a genuine interest. Learn from all life!

Throughout it all learn to laugh at yourself and your short comings. Develop or renew meaningful relationships with other human beings. Don't be afraid to give or receive love! Above all, trust life, have faith, dream and have fun. We are all snowflakes each one unique. There has never been and never will be anyone like you. Take comfort in your spiritual repast. The purpose of life is to matter, to have made a difference, to have shone.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Giveaway #1: Jamila Henna + Indigo


In gearing up for my healthy hair challenge, I decided to order some of my favorite products and I ordered a few extras for those that win this giveaway.  I use Henna to strengthen my hair, and I use Indigo to color my hair a dark jet black color. 

Jamila Henna is safe to use on relaxed, natural and transitioning hair, as it contains no added chemicals. Indigo is also safe to use on relaxed, natural and transitioning hair, and is purchased from a trusted source [Henna For Hair]. 

To enter:
Leave a comment with a quick blurb on what issues you have experienced along your hair journey! That's it.  Three winners will be selected at random this Friday, and each winner will receive 100grams of Jamila Henna, and 100 grams of Indigo.

Interested in dying your hair jet black? 
You Will Need:
[I use two boxes of each because I have pretty thick hair and would rather have more than enough product to cover my hair liberally]. 
Distilled Water

The Process: 
You will first need to apply a Henna application. The quickest, easiest, and fuss free way to do this would be to just apply water to your henna mixture until it reaches a thick, muddy consistency.  
1. Add henna powder to a plastic bowl
2. Slowly pour in distilled water while stirring
3. Once the mixture has gotten to a thick, muddy, consistency, cover and store in a cool place for about 24 hours. 
4. Apply mixture liberally to your hair, cover and allow to sit for about 2-3 hours. - Do not manipulate your hair too much over this time. Manipulating it can cause a mass of tangles and knots. 
5. After 2-3 hours, rinse with water until you rinsed out most of the Henna. You can then rinse the remainder of the henna out with the aid of conditioner, OR you can immerse your hair in a tub filled with water. Either the above methods are effective in removing the tiny flecks of Henna.
6. Once you have thoroughly rinsed out the Henna, it's time to mix your Indigo. 
7. In a new clean bowl, add Indigo to your bowl
8. Slowly pour in distilled water while stirring
9. Once the mixture has gotten to a thick, muddy, consistency; you can apply it to your hair! No need to wait, this stuff releases color immediately. 
10. Apply it the same way you applied the Henna. Make sure you apply this mixture from the roots to the tip for nice, even coverage. 
11. Allow the Indigo to sit for about 1-2 hours for a rich, black tone. For even darker tones [like jet black], leave it on overnight. 
12. Rinse with water until you rinsed out most of the Indigo. You can then rinse the remainder of the Indigo out with the aid of conditioner, OR you can immerse your hair in a tub filled with water. Either the above methods are effective in removing the tiny flecks of Indigo.
13. Now it's time to condition your hair. Deep condition [with heat] using your favorite deep conditioner. This restores healthy moisture levels in your strands, making your hair supple, and full of body.

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Eat | Drink | Play: Dinner At Philippe Chow

It feels like it's been forever. I've been uber sick as of late which took a toll on my blogging. I took these pics last time I met Lo for dinner, but didn't get a chance to upload them till now.
Lo and I made our way to Philippe Chow for a end of the year recap. We got together to discuss how we felt about this year, and what we can do to make next year even better. We have both pushed each other beyond the limits of what we thought was possible, and as a result we definitely feel we have evolved since our first "grind session" a little over a year ago. This year we're claiming more clarity, freedom, and continued blessings.
I wore some sort of tutu dress with a slouchy, scalloped sequined tank I picked up at Max Azria
Forgive the crappy pic quality. We were taking pictures in the ladies room, and the lighting was pretty awful. 
Lo wore an all black number with a belt I hope she gives to me... lol 
We both had the Beef & Broccoli; the beef in this dish are tender pieces of Fillet Mignon 
If you love a good cocktail, you have to try the Philliptini - It's sweet, with a bit of a kick. - I curled my hair in gigantic curls using a 2'' barrel curling iron, then I set them on large rollers for about 20 minutes. This creates bouncy curls with a little bit of volume. 
Lo did a Bantu Knot out for a change of pace from the straight hair. She uses Bantu Knots in lieu of heat in between styling visits! 

I'm catching up on posts today, so check back for the remainder of the product recommendations + regimen posts, and info re the first giveaway! 

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Monday, January 3, 2011


Hi Everyone, I wanted to start the New Year off with a Traditional Buddha Prayer that I find to be a simple and beautiful blessing. This is my wish for all of you as well.
Thank you for visiting my blog,
Love ya,
Janet :)


Blessing and Healing Prayer

Just as the soft rains fill the streams, pour into the rivers and
join together in the oceans, so may the power of every moment of
your goodness flow forth to awaken and heal all beings, Those here
now, those gone before, those yet to come.

By the power of every moment of your goodness...
May your heart's wishes be soon fulfilled, as
completely shining as the bright full moon,
as magically as by a wish-fulfilling gem.
May all dangers be averted and all disease be gone.
May no obstacle come across your way.
May you enjoy fulfillment and long life.

For all in whose heart dwells respect, who follow the
wisdom and compassion of the Way, May your life prosper
in the four blessings, of old age, beauty, happiness
and strength.


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