Monday, November 30, 2009

Angels 101


Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well, I am doing good. Recently two dear friends I met through my blog who are bloggers as well have loved ones who are ill. One friends family member is very sick and they are having trouble figuring what is going on. The other friend's family member is in hospice care. I remembered a book I turned too everyday when my mother was very ill and then put into hospice care. The title of the book is called Angels 101 by Dorothy Virtue PH.D, An introduction to working, and healing with the Angels. I would look through the book and pray to the different Angels for different needs as they arouse on a daily basis. It did bring us comfort I feel and somehow guidance would come to me in small ways. What to say, how to comfort, how to stay strong when all I wanted to do is yell at God or the supreme being for having her suffer after all she had been through in her life already. When my mother passed somehow I put down the book, and stopped praying to them and reading it, not sure why? I had an Angel reading once with a friend, it was a beautiful experience, I could truly feel light and energy all around my body. It was a lot of white light around me as well. As soon as I heard of my friends situation I turned to the book again. I prayed to Raphael who's name means "one who heals" for their loved ones. I thought this would be good to share with all of you who believe in the Angels as well. It is a good time of year to bring spirituality back into your life if it has slipped away in the daily grind of life. I will begin by describing the higher Archy of Angels and then sharing them and what their specialties are. I am going to begin to read it again and use it as a tool in my daily life. Looking forward to sharing the real life experience of other people in this book with you as well. Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)

Archangels are managers over seeing our guardian angels. They are one type of the nine choirs of angels (which include angels, archangels, principalities, powers, virtues, dominions,thrones, cherubim and seraphim). Of these forms of angels, guardian angels and archangels are the most involved with helping Earth and her inhabitants.

Compared to guardian angels, archangels are very large, loud, and powerful, yet they're also extremely loving and egoless. As nonphysical celestial beings, they don't have genders. However, their specific fortes and characteristics give them distinctive male and female energies and personas.
The Bible names Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Some versions of the Bible also list Archangels Raphael and Uriel. Ancient Jewish texts expand this list to 15 Archangels.

You'll notice in the list that follows that all but two of the archangels' names end in the suffix "el" which is Hebrew for "of God" or "from God." Two exceptions were Biblical prophets who lived such exemplary lives that they ascended to archangeldom following their human lives.

The archangels are sometimes called by different names, but her are the most common ones, along with their specialities, characteristics, and brief histories.

Raphael. His names means "One who Heals" He heals ailments and guides healers and would be healers and helps the suffering. He's one of the presently sainted archangels (the others being Michael and Gabriel, although at one time seven archangels were canonized). In the book of Tobit(a canonical Bible work) Raphael describes himself as a servant before the Glory of the Lord. He is believed to be on the three archangels who visited the patriarch Abraham. Because he assisted Tobias on his journey, Raphael is considered a patron saint of travelers. His main role, though, is in healing and assisting healers.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Balance The Waves


Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing good. Had a great Thanksgiving with all of my family. I hope you did too. This loving kindness meditation is very helpful to me at this point in my life. I often feel I am balancing grief and true happiness. Layers of grief have been peeling which is therapeutic. I find myself lately having those "moments" about my mother in law Elsie. I have not really grieved for her, it was to much too soon after losing my mother. It's as if I blocked her death out completely, just went through the motions. The mind is kind and can only handle what it can to survive. I hope this meditation helps you to balance what you need to in your life.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Take Care,
Janet :)

Finding balance sometimes may at times seem like a struggle. Life is filled with extremes, some painful, others pleasurable. You may be grieving over the death of your beloved Grandmother-and a few days later you may be surrounded by family and friends celebrating your birthday or a holiday. How can we hold these two extremes without shutting down?
The Budda said the greatest happiness is to know peace that is unchanged by changing conditions. With this inner stability, you can ride the waves of contrasting emotions and experiences without losing your balance.
The next time you're overwhelmed by the contrast of joy and pain in your life, say these phrases to yourself either formally or informally.
"May I ride the waves of pleasure and pain with ease"
"May I be peaceful and at ease"
It's possible to experience happiness in the midst of pain and sorrow. It;s possible to be happy and sad at the same time. This is part of the balance of life and practicing acceptance of this pleasure and pain dynamic helps us let go of our need to control our experiences. Accepting this duality is the birthplace of balance.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

76 Years Ago Today

Mom & Dad

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I am doing good. 76 years ago today they broke the mold when my Dad was born. I may be predigest but aren't we all. I was blessed to have him as a Father, a teacher, a provider and so much more. The more I write on this blog, the more I find myself able to open up easier, remember the past in a better light. Pain always blocked the good that was there. I had an appointment with my counselor today and she agreed with me that I have been having breaking through, shedding years of baggage filled with pain. I am able to feel real happiness like never before. Not that I have not been happy in my life, but it is at a whole new level that I can't explain in words. I am at peace with the past. Letting go is so freeing. I am in such a better place and things have gotten better in time. As I write this I am listening to I'll Remember by Madonna, one of the songs that remind me of him and I am remembering more and more. It is bringing me so much happiness. Even if a tear falls here and there. I remember his wink at me when we would sit in the living room and watch TV, mostly red sox's, yes he made me one of God's most pathetic creatures, a Red Sox fan, I got that from a line in a movie, and I love him for that! I remember how he comforted me every time my mom was sick and the first night my sister moved out when she got married, he took the time to check on me at bed time to make sure I was ok by myself. I remember all the cookouts with big pans of shrimp and lobster and corn. His pool parties with his friends from the Boston Globe as he strung Christmas lights up around the pool and everyone partied hardy until the neighbors called the Police at 4 in the morning. He built that Ice Skating rink in the backyard for all of us kids and the neighbors. I use to dream I was Peggy Flemming in the Olympics out there. He taught me to dream without knowing it. One of my favorite pictures is him in front of his Garden in that hat. He was so proud of it every summer and it was delicious. I remember when he took me to get a car and I turned on the radio to see how high it went he said, "I guess your all set". I am thankful for the beautiful home in the suburbs he bought us, the pool, loved cruising around in the 53 Chevy that stayed in the family for a long time. How he supported my brother Al during his baseball years and all my brothers. Al was a good pitcher and always made the papers, Dad kept every article. I liked it when he brought my grandmother down to watch him play. I always thought she looked like Edith in All in the Family. My father was the first one to tell you too that he was Archie Bunker and I already thought that before he spoke it, so that show will always have a special place in my heart. I use to say to my Grandmother when are you coming to live in the country?? LOL! She lived in Dorchester and that was big city to me. I will always remember most of all that he took care of all of us and his own family when his father passed away when he was only 11. He never asked for sympathy. Sure sometimes it got hard on him and you knew he hurt, but he got right back up the next day and continued on. He loved Children and was a good Grandfather. He is in the pool with Robert his first grandchild below. In the last years of his life he was concerned he may pass away any day having heart disease. So every holiday was special and our last Christmas together was one of the best I can remember. Lots of wonderful food, generous gifts for all us kids. He had a ways through the globe to get those hard to find gifts for the grandchildren. He was able to get the talking Big Bird for Christa and Lauren which was a big thing in 86. He was a great example of a father, a man, a person. When he passed all six of us sat in his room to pick certain sentimental items to keep. I took his dog tags from the Korean War. I remember my brother Al took his cowboy boots. He use to break horses in when he was younger too. I was so touched when I found in his dresser Birthday cards I had bought him and he saved. Inside I always wrote I don't know what we would do without you. I love you. I still have them today and they are more precious than I can say. I can't remember what everyone else took, but it is funny how you know what you need to hold on to. If I had the chance to go back and change anything up until today I would not, it was what has made me the person I am weather or not it was good or bad. So today Dad I hope you and Mom are dancing in Heaven. I know you both have the love and happiness together that was long overdue. Happy Birthday Dad.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Tribute

Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing well. I am doing good. At my last job I met a dear friend Donna, that now looking back was with me in a time in my life that I needed her more than she will ever know. There are few people who I consider the salt of the Earth, Angels among us. She is and not to make you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed Donna I know this from all the similar experiences we shared losing our Parents. Both our Father's passed without warning, no chance to say goodbye. Our mother's suffered, yours much to young. You unknowingly showed me how to survive my mom's goodbye. I always felt sad I never met your mom, but doing this post today I realized I do know her, because her spirit lives on in you. Children are there greatest tribute how proud she must of been of you. I got behind this year on posting a poem for her Birthday on November 8th, but without checking my past blogs I knew instinctly it was that time. Although our lives keep us indifferent directions now, You are always in my thoughts and I still sense things like I did when we were together a lot. We had so many great laughs together and someday I look forward to having them again. This song was mine and my mother's as I played it softly and whispered it in her ear many a day in the end, I know you will appreciate it more than others.
Take Care,
Janet :)

So in tribute to your beautiful mom I hope you like this poem and this song.

When I came into this world, your
arms did secure.
When I cried
to thrive. Your touch
brought my spirit to life

When I found my feet,
Your hand gave me trust,
And I learned to step to my
own beat as let go you must

When life's lessons I could
not understand, only a child,
your words made them less grand.
Ok I knew I would be
and smiled

When I grew and needed to find
who I was deep inside, your example
taught me I would find the path for me
and walk in the light.

When your Journey was reaching
the end, We laid together and prayed.
God and the Angels had come your way,
I felt your peace as your spirit slowly
transcended and flew away. With a gentle
kiss, I let go as I must.

[hebrew chants]
Im-ninalo (if they were locked)
Daltey Nadivim (doors of the generous)
Daltey Nadivim
Daltey Marom (doors of heaven)

Im-ninalo x8

Staring up into the heavens
In this hell that binds your hands
Will you sacrifice your comfort?
Make your way in a foreign land?

Wrestle with your darkness
Angels call your name
Can you hear what they are saying?
Will you ever be the same?

Im-ninalo Im-ninalo
Im-ninalo Im-ninalo

Remember remember and never forget
All of your life has all been a test
You will find the gate that's open
Even though your spirit's broken

Open up my heart
And close my lips to speak
Bring the heaven and the stars
Down to earth for me

Daltey Nadivim

Im-ninalo Im-ninalo
Im-ninalo Im-ninalo

Im-ninalo Im-ninalo
Im-ninalo Im-ninalo

El- Hay (god -alive)
El- Hay Marumam Al Keruvim (god- alive to elevate cherub)
Kulam Be-Ruho Ya'alu (everybody in he's spirit will rise)

Wrestle with your darkness
Angels call your name
Can you hear what they are saying?
Will you ever be the same?

Im-ninalo Im-ninalo
Im-ninalo Im-ninalo

Im-ninalo Im-ninalo
Im-ninalo Im-ninalo

El- Hay (god -alive)
El- Hay Marumam Al Keruvim (god- alive to elevate cherub)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sorry Entrecard Droppers

Hi Everyone, I hope you are doing well, I am doing better. I want to apologize to my entrecard droppers for not dropping as much as I usually do the past two weeks, since I had my last bug I have been finding myself falling asleep earlier than I use to. I always did my drops at night so I returned them all. Now that I am feeling better I can stay up longer to drop back and I am also trying to drop earlier in the day. I am catching up and appreciate your drops that you have done for me. Over the weekend I will do more catching up, thanks again for your support and thanks for visiting my blog. Take Care, Janet :)

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby Steps along the Journey.


Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well I am doing good. I have been reflecting on my life the past few days for some reason??? But I truly feel happier than ever before. So I opened my notepad and wrote this down. I hope you can relate to it as we all share common trials and tests that make us the unique individuals that we are today.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)

I was born a little baby girl, who
became a sibling and a sister
and a part of the world. I learned to
survive when chaos was a part of my daily

Young and given more than I cared
to bare. Mom needs a rest and that
is all they would share. Left to wonder
did I hurt her and make her disappear.
Off to Aunties for you and your brother,
When I cried in protest, a drug you gave
me to forget.

This cycle continued for many a year,
each time filled me with more anxiety and fear.
I wanted to fix you, but did not have the power

A young Mother I became, No regrets,
no shame. I had the mother daughter relationship
I had longed to claim.

Different trial and tribulations followed throughout
my twenties, but stronger I grew and happiness was
at my last at my door. Especially thanks to
Pete my hubby and two children I adore :)

I learned that my Journey has only made me
the person I need to be. I learned why my mother needed a rest
and know now she did her best. In the end she was my
best friend. I had that mother daughter relationship thanks
to the small moments of loving tenderness we shared as the last
20 years passed.

On the day we laid you to rest with Dad, I was
stayed strong, and a held onto what little
peace I had. When I arrived home, the knowledge
of never seeing you or feeling your touch became to
much. I exploded into whales of tears and pain throughout
my body that I have never experienced and had to
hide until they subsided.

I woke the next day, having to start my Journey
once again, one baby step at a time. I fought
through the pain, and focused on the light. You
are with me in spirit as I travel on. I will continue
to walk along the path of life, mistakes and pain
will always show their face. I will take them as they
come, because stronger I have become.

I reflect on the past, yet chose not to
live there. Many a regret along the path
I could not change, it went by in a flash,
into thin air. I am grateful for all the pain
and tests as it has brought me today
To a level of happiness that is the best.
I feel nothing but light upon my face each
day, I feel so complete and carefree. My
spirit is soaring and shining

Remember, remember my friend and
Never forget all of your life has all been a test,
welcome the challenges and pain as they will only make
you learn and grow. Every day is a baby step, and
you are in control of your response as you walk the Journey
of life on your own.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flowerfields and Sunrises Thanks to our Veteran's and Soldiers

Hi Everyone,


I hope you are all doing well, I am doing good. At least I am awake, my Doctor gave me this new medicine to help my heart rate or pulse that she thought was a little high. My blood pressure is normal. At first I had no problem with this new med, then the past two days all I have been able to do practically is sleep. So I did not take it today. I know they are helping us, but great now I go from having to high a pulse, to what I guess must be a low one. I will call my Doctor tomorrow to see how to straighten this out. I am also going to follow my sister the nurse's advice and take Omega 3 which works naturally on both so I should hopefully get off them soon. This Veterans day touches me even more seeing the recent events in Texas. They should be free of that here on our soil. I was listening to the Earth Song on the way to my Dad and Mom's grave to bring him flowers. As Micheal sings about War he also sings about the flower fields, the sunrise and the beauty that surrounds us. I thought again about all the ones who serve us again in a new light. Yes the Soldiers and the Veterans before them have protected our freedoms and provide us safety, asking nothing in return, but they also allow us the bonus of waking up to beautiful surroundings such as a flower field as they see only desert and destruction. I am graced each day with sunrises and sunsets, as they endure bloodshed and death. They are more than Heroes, Soldiers and Brave souls. They are to me now on another spiritual level that we who sit complacent everyday will never know. They are in my book now Angel's on Earth, working as Warriors for all of us. I also realized today to me my Dad has been my hero for sticking by our family. Yet he was also a man who served his country without ever a complaint of self sacrifice. A true Veteran. As I bought the flowers at the store on the way to the graveside the song I'll remember was playing by Madonna that I dedicated to him in a video here on my blog?? Thanks for letting me know Dad you know I was thinking of you today and everyday :) Always take the time to thank a Soldier, a Veteran and help them and their families in any way big or small. I also wanted to share these next two Law of Attractions with you.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)

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Law of Attraction #5
The Law In Modern Times.
Some say the Law of Attraction concept is is possibly just an updated version of the teachings of the late Wallace Walter (1860-1911)and those of Dr. Vincent Peale (1898-1993). Waddle who was born into poverty and became wealthy wrote about the science of getting rich. Peale became famous for his ideas about the power of positive thinking. Both men emphasized the role of conscious and intensely focused thought in achieving their desired goal. Both men believed in a higher power at work in human lives. Wattles referred to it as formless, intelligence and substance. Pealse, a clergyman, spoke and wrote the power and presences of God.

Law of Attraction #6
Be Aware If Your Thoughts.
It is important to understand that your thoughts can attract things you do not want. Whatever you fear most and think about often or obsessively can also manifest. For example, you may love hiking, buy your greatest fear is is that someday you'll encounter a rattlesnake. Repetitive thoughts that are charged with fear can set up the experience unless you let go of it. It is better to banish such dark thoughts. Don't give up hiking in the desert. Instead be measured, thoughtful, studied and prudent about under taking such a hike. Know what precautions to take in order to have a safe hike. Replace your thoughts with a sure fire belief in a higher power working through you and with you at all times ensuring your safety.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Distinction Between Religon and Spirituality

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all doing well, I am doing better, I was sick this week Tuesday through Friday and was only comfortable on the couch, I missed blogging. Feeling better today and wanted to share this with you before I hit the hay because I agree there is a distinction between religion and spirituality. Having been raised Catholic,I felt more fear of God because of all the rules and not love like I was taught to. Studying spirituality I feel only love and peace. I hope you are all having a good weekend and I will be writing again in a day or two.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)


Monday, November 2, 2009

Earth Song

Hi Everyone,
Happy Music Monday. I just discovered this incrediable video by Michael Jackson. So passionate of a man he was. This gave me goosebumps. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for visiting my blog today.
Take Care,
Janet :)

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