Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eat | Drink | Play: Dinner At Philippe Chow

It feels like it's been forever. I've been uber sick as of late which took a toll on my blogging. I took these pics last time I met Lo for dinner, but didn't get a chance to upload them till now.
Lo and I made our way to Philippe Chow for a end of the year recap. We got together to discuss how we felt about this year, and what we can do to make next year even better. We have both pushed each other beyond the limits of what we thought was possible, and as a result we definitely feel we have evolved since our first "grind session" a little over a year ago. This year we're claiming more clarity, freedom, and continued blessings.
I wore some sort of tutu dress with a slouchy, scalloped sequined tank I picked up at Max Azria
Forgive the crappy pic quality. We were taking pictures in the ladies room, and the lighting was pretty awful. 
Lo wore an all black number with a belt I hope she gives to me... lol 
We both had the Beef & Broccoli; the beef in this dish are tender pieces of Fillet Mignon 
If you love a good cocktail, you have to try the Philliptini - It's sweet, with a bit of a kick. - I curled my hair in gigantic curls using a 2'' barrel curling iron, then I set them on large rollers for about 20 minutes. This creates bouncy curls with a little bit of volume. 
Lo did a Bantu Knot out for a change of pace from the straight hair. She uses Bantu Knots in lieu of heat in between styling visits! 

I'm catching up on posts today, so check back for the remainder of the product recommendations + regimen posts, and info re the first giveaway! 

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