Monday, November 7, 2011

Guilty (Edited)

Hello, I hope your doing well. After following the trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor the past few weeks I thought today when the verdict came in of Guilty I would feel some sense of Justice for Michael and his family. Instead it just feels so tragic. Tragic for Jacksons, Tragic for Conrad Murray and his family. Then tonight as I listened to all the commentators on TV speak about the fact that there are more people to blame, like AEG, other Doctors, I couldn't help but think that they forgot some other people to blame, and that is us, or at least everyone who turned their backs on Michael. We as a society build up these stars, and so quickly bring them down when issues arise, like they did with Michael. We don't like it when someone doesn't conform to our normal. Michael was so hurt by this world that he did things (drugs included) to help him survive. So IMO, when the opportunity to make a come back with the "This Is It" tour came about, it brought on even more pressure than previous tours. The pressure stemming from the desire of wanting that love and acceptance again that he had as a child, starting anew with the doubters of his innocence and peers, and just being able to put the past behind him. I'm sensitive to that about people because I know how it is to have people turn on you when you hit rock bottom. And of course, it is just natural for anyone, superstar or not, to want and deserve that second chance in life. Sadly he never got his second chance. With all the pressure, it led him to Dr. Conrad Murray and the use of Propofol for a good nights sleep, and thus his demise. I think his death should not be in vain and that we should learn more from it than the obvious. We should learn to be more accepting of different. Learn to reach out to that isolated person who may be suffering, may have hit rock bottom, no matter what others think. I hope now his family and fans can begin to heal and reflect only on his greatness and humanity and not his tragic ending.
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These Videos from the Grammy Awards will
remind you of how much he accomplished
in just 50 short years and what he hope to
accomplish in his future.


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