Friday, December 9, 2011

Wonder and Magic

Hello, Happy Friday! My grandchildren, Briana and Christopher went to a Christmas party on my son in laws side of the family last weekend. Their Aunt Sarah took these pictures, and as always she shares them with me when I am not there. I think she did a great job because she caught the wonder and magic of Briana's expression as Santa walked in the room surprising all the kids! Poor Christopher though, he was so scared of Santa, he just shook the whole time, so needless to say he didn't last to long on his lap! I thought this video below captures perfectly what some kids go through when they have to approach this big, Mysterious Man named Santa. I mean think about it, we tell them that he has been watching them to see whether or not they have been good or bad, so what if they feel they have been bad, then they have to face him, Yikes! But no, I'm sure it doesn't add to their anxiety, no not at all LOL!
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