Monday, January 2, 2012

Not That Resolution Again!

Hello, Yes I know, with the new year, comes that resolution to lose weight and get in shape once again! About a year and a half ago, I started making some changes in my diet and started walking. I thought I would share with you what has worked for me, if you have chosen this resolution. I have been able to go from a size 14/16 to a size 8/10. I hope this year I get down to get a size 6/8. I usually walk 5 times a week for 30 minutes, but occasionally I don't get in the full five days, but even if I only do three days a week, it still keeps me from gaining the weight back. It is hard to start, but once you do, it get's easier and easier. I feel guilty now if I don't walk. I enjoy the time to myself as well, I watch music videos while I walk because the visual of the music usually keeps me entertained and before I know it I have gotten so into the music videos, that my time is up for my walk. I love it when that happens! I can't afford one of those Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig programs either, so I just used some of my common sense and followed some advice I found along the way and put together what has worked for me. I also drink plenty of water during the day and when I need a kick before I start walking I drink Ice Tea for the Caffeine and that way I avoid coffee with the cream. I hope that maybe I have shared something you didn't think of and it helps you too.
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I have never been a breakfast person, but now I am starting to eat it
because they say it does kick up your metabolism. I have been eating
the instant Quaker Oats and it does seem to keep me fuller during the
morning, it has slow digesting carbs, so you don't crash like you
would on other sugary breakfast items. The best part is if you use
water to make it it has only 150 calories. I love the feeling I get
too when I eat it on a cold New England Morning. If you don't have
time for a sit down breakfast, There are lots of protein drinks
and bars. But I would suggest mixing it up with and egg once in
a while. I know eggs are good for you one day and then not so much
the other, but I believe anything in moderation is ok. So for a quick
breakfast with protein, and only about 77 calories, I suggest boiling
up a couple of eggs the night before your busy week and keep them
in your fridge, then you can just grab one, warm it up if you prefer
it that way in the micro on a low setting and your good to go!

I usually have a grilled chicken salad everyday for lunch,
I don't know why, but I never seem to get sick of having
it, I think I'm addicted to them. I have a half a pita with
it too. It keeps me full for the afternoon and I think the
protein from the Chicken helps give me energy to do my
afternoon walk. Once in a while I'll change my lunch up
with these low calorie SmartOnes by Weight Watchers. The
Three Cheese Mariana is really good, it's definitively my
favorite and Progresso Soups are good too

Dinner: I cook dinner every night for my two guys, who are
basically meat eaters, so I try to buy lean meats cause
I don't usually make anything special for myself. I usually
will just eat smaller portions of what I make them. But if
I make them something really high in calories or something I
don't like, I will usually have another salad or just some
pasta with sauce. I also keep a bag of frozen shrimp in the
freezer and sometimes a bag of frozen scallops (I only get
frozen scallops if I get them on sale at the Hilltop, a local
Butcher Shop, they are getting so expensive!) And I'll whip
up a low calorie dinner with one of them, usually scampi,
with lot's of garlic, yum, yum, I am Italian after all!

Snacking at night while watching TV can be a bad habit,
but it all depends of course with what your snacking on.
This past year I started snacking on Grapes while
watching TV because they only have about 3 calories
a piece, awesome huh, you can fill up easily on 10
or 15 big ones and you have only taken in about 30
or 45 calories!! For something crunchy these chips
are so good, the Sea Salt are my favorite and they
are starting to come out with lots of other flavors.
I love that I have been able to snack at night w/o
putting back on any of the weight I have walked off :)

Condiments I use to avoid adding Calories:
This and the regular butter flavor are good on a baked
potato, or on toast, you can even cook with it, the best
part is it is 0 calories! And if your not to thrilled
with the taste you can add something else like bacon bits
on a baked potato and light jam or reduced calorie peanut
butter on the toast
Ken's has the best tasting light dressings and I have
tried a lot of them. The store brands may save you a
little money, but it's not worth it, they taste watery
Using this in your coffee or whatever you drink or eat
can keep you from gaining up to 10 pounds in a year.


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