Thursday, August 27, 2009

Edward Morrow Kennedy

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are doing well, I am doing good. Today I was a part of history here in Massachusetts and throughout the world. I was able to go to my exit 9 here in Kingston Ma, and wave goodbye to Edward Morrow Kennedy. I was truly touched to be able to say Thank You Teddy as he and his family passed by. He did so much for all of us here in the bay state and around the world. One story I heard which is many of thousands that we do not know about is how he reached out to each and every one that lost a wife or husband on that fateful day 9/11. He invited them one by one to his house in Hyannis and took them out on his boat for fun and laughter. At the end of each and everyone of his visits with them, he asked them what do you need and I will advocate to get you what you need in Congress. He was true to his word and he did get them what they needed and asked for no recognition. My daughter could not understand why we were all out there on the streets and bridges. I guess our younger generation does not understand until he has been gone for a while, how much one person can do to change and help their world. Rest in Peace Teddy, I just heard there was a rainbow over the Kennedy Library tonight, How appropriate!!
God bless.
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Take Care,
Janet :)


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