Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spark Your Happiness

Hi Everyone I hope you are doing well. I am doing good. I wanted to let anyone of you who listened to my video in the last post, there is a certain line in the song that Whitney sings that I feel sounds like she is saying someone to violate my love? But I looked up the lyrics and this is what is really say's "Had some angels to guide me, someone to lay on all my love" Just wanted to share that in case you heard that line like I did. Have you ever noticed that when you see a friend or family member glowing with happiness because they are going on a dream cruise, or they got a job that they truly love, Do you get a twinge of envy instead of true happiness for them. How is that we have learned to feel our own happiness is diminished by others happiness? It could be because we feel that happiness is limited within the world live which is not true. There is unlimitedness of happiness in our surroundings, our world in which we live. We probably are conditioned to turn a blind eye to the bliss we project onto others. So the next time you find yourself with that twinge because of your friends vacation or job let yourself feel the envy within you. Then let yourself bask in their happiness. Acknowledging this you will realize that your happiness is not diminished by their accomplishments or joy. Say to yourself, "May your joy spark the joy of others". Consider this as Breaking News to really let it sink in. Happiness in not a limited commodity! There is enough happiness to go around. We all have access to a deep well of happiness within.
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