Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Healthy Hair Challenge: Today's Schedule


Throughout the week, I will cover information on various regimens [Ayurvedic, Traditional, Natural, DIY], product recommendations, and techniques. In efforts to make it easier for people to effectively navigate and apply the information, I decided to break everything up into chunks. Here's what is covered today:

Regimen Building: Includes information on what the basic regimen for women/men wearing their natural hair in a free flowing style should consist of [regimens for those that are heat straightened, relaxed or braided/twisted regimens will also follow this week]. This outline will demonstrate the basic regimen without a specific focus on Traditional, Ayurvedic, or Natural. Regardless of the type of products you choose, your regimen should include the basic concepts outlined in the post, as it is geared to maximize length retention, and prevent breakage/split ends/knotting/matting. 
To view the post, click {here}

Regimen Building: This installment will focus on the Ayurvedic methods of caring for your hair. In this post, I talk about simple Ayurvedic methods you can incorporate into your hair care regimen, the benefits, and list detailed product recommendations. 
To view the post, click {here}

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