Wednesday, October 27, 2010

DIY Goodness: DVF Inspired Floral Hair Pins

I'm a sucker for hair candy. So falling for these ultra femme Diane Von Furstenberg hair pins was a no brainer. Von Furstenberg's hair candy gives off a regal Grecian vibe mixed with a playful punch that's right up my alley! - With a few basic supplies on hand, I decided to take the concept and put my spin on it. 

The project took about an hour to complete and came out pretty nice. They weren't DVF, but they were amazing nonetheless. Floral hair-pins are extremely versatile in that they can spruce up a bad hair day or add the perfect touch to a TWA!
DVF Inspired Floral Hair-Pins
You Will Need:
  • 3 Different colors of scrap fabric
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Blank Snap-On Hair Clips [purchased these at Joann's in the jewelry supply isle]
  • Needle/Thread
  • Hand drawn flower pattern [or I am sure you can locate a pattern like this one]
Prep your materials:
 I just drew a basic flower, nothing fancy!

1] Draw your "floral stencil" on a sturdy sheet of paper [I used an old manila file folder]
Here is my stencil pinned to the fabric
cut out 8 of each color

2] Cut out stencil. Pin your stencil to the fabric and cut out 8 flowers in each color 
I used the base of a glass to make this circle

3] Make a circle about 1 inch wide on a sturdy sheet of paper 
4] Pin your stencil to the fabric and cut out 8 individual circles in two of the three colors 

Assemble the floral hair pins [each cluster uses 4 of each color]:
1] Stagger 8 [use four of each color] flowers on top of each other so that they slightly overlap 
2] Fold the entire floral group in half, and secure with a few stitches
3] Fold that same floral group in half once more, then secure it with a few more stitches. Make sure to use sharp scissors, I used my daughter's craft scissors and the ends weren't as crisp as I would have liked.

4] Repeat the same instructions for the second set of floral headpins 

Assemble the second set of floral hair pins [each cluster uses 4 of each color]:
To make the rosette clusters, follow the instructions given in my previous tutorial {here}

Assemble the entire group: 
1] Glue each group on a separate hair pin with a hot glue gun

2] Pin them on your hair!

That's it! Here is the finished product! 

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