Thursday, October 28, 2010

Your Questions Answered: Will The Brazilian Keratin Treatment Damage My Hair?

I'm loving Emanuela De Paula's shoes in this pic; the hair is nothing short of amazing as well...

Last week, we talked about the adverse reactions the Brazilian Keratin Treatment can have in relation to your health. After that post, I received an influx of questions from readers inquiring about damage to their hair as a result of undergoing this treatment, so I thought I would address those issues here.

First, let us get acquainted with the procedure. Here is an short training video that demonstrates the Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Reader Question:
"Me and a few of my friends had lots of shedding and breakage around the crown after getting the Coppola Treatment. Was this because of the Formaldehyde?"
It may not be the Formaldehyde. My main concern with this treatment is the amount of Keratin [protein] used. Here's why; Certain proteins can cause hair follicles to be sensitive to DHT [a hormone]. If your DHT levels rise, or you have certain follicles that are sensitive to this hormone, chronic hair loss and breakage can occur. Here's how:
  • DHT shortens the growth span of your follicles
  • DHT causes follicle degradation
  • DHT reduces blood supply to your follicles
  • DHT can also weaken and shrink the follicles, causing the hair to fall from the root
A disruption in DHT levels can cause:
Hair Thinning 
Hair Loss
Chronic Breakage
Follicles that are sensitive to DHT are located around the crown, and this could be why you are experiencing breakage around that area. Ever see a man with Male Pattern Baldness? He is usually has hair loss in the crown, with the areas near the ears and nape intact. Male Pattern Baldness is caused by increased levels of DHT.
What to do if you are experiencing excessive shedding and breakage after a Brazilian Keratin Treatment?
Visit a dermatologist ASAP, as he/she may prescribe one or more of the following treatments to help curb further damage:
  • Scalp Injections
  • Nioxin or Rogain
  • Biotin 
I'm still interested in The Brazilian Keratin Treatment, how will I know my hair won't fall out?
Unfortunately, you won't. This is based on your inherited sensitivity to DHT. In other words, it is based on your genetic predisposition to hair loss. Does Male Pattern Baldness run in your family? If so, you may have a heightened sensitivity to DHT.
Other risks: 
Chemical Shock: Some curlies have complained of a burning, inflamed scalp. This is an allergic reaction brought on by the chemicals used in this treatment and frequently leads to hair loss [otherwise known as shock-loss].

Breakage/Heat Damage: Not everyone's tresses can withstand flat iron's that reach 450 degrees. However, this heat setting is recommended by the manufacturer as it properly seals the product into the hair.Using an excessive amount of heat for your hair type can resort in heat damage, porosity issues [for more on that click here], and excessive breakage.

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