Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quicktip: 6 Small Tips That Can Make A BIG Difference In Your Twist Out!!

Braid outs and twist outs were not sooo not my forte early on in my hair journey. My hair always came out stiff, dry and had this weird crunch to it that for the life of me I couldn't understand [all pics have since been destroyed]. I was about two seconds from giving up on this "natural thing" [that's how I referred to it every time I got frustrated], and something told me to give it a bit more time for trial and error. Here's what I have learned: 

1. Depending on your hair type, products that contain polymers [we discussed that here] or any other ingredient geared towards hold works best for hair that doesn't have a defined curl type. The polymers found in most of the curl creams and puddings on the market today create a light film over the hair that keeps the curls in place. What this means for you is; less frizz, more of a defined curl pattern, longer lasting style. Here are my product recommendations that meet the aforementioned criteria [These three products have consistently given me great definition and with a light hold]: 
2. Only take down your hair when it is completely dry. This is a big one! Taking down your hair before it has a chance to thoroughly dry may cause excessive frizz and major lack of definition. This may not be so for those that have more of a defined curl pattern, but for curlies like myself; we need that extra time for the style to set.

3. "Smooth" your hair with a Denman brush before twisting.- This makes all the difference in the final texture of my hair! My hair has more body and has a silkier appearance versus the times I skipped that step. To "smooth" your hair, simply detangle well and brush each section several times with your Denman before applying your styling cream. 

4. A little bit of product goes a long way! I know I have mentioned the dime-size rule at least 500k times this year, but this is only because I find it so important to the final outcome of your style. When you are using products that contain Polymers and other film-formers, overdosing on these products could cause dull, dry, lifeless locks. Try using a dime size of curl cream per section of hair you twist!

5. Want to up the ante on the curls? Sit under a hard bonnet dryer for about 20-30 minutes prior to removing your twists. You should notice silky, springier coils that lasts a lot longer than your a normal twist out.

6. To create tons of volume, separate each twist as you take them down. The more you separate, the more volume you will have. Use a light oil to aid in keeping the hair neat, as well as preserving the curl pattern and preventing frizz. My oil of choice is Monoi De Tahiti Oil [found at Trader Joe's or online here]. For even more volume, lightly blow-dry the roots of your hair using the concentrator attachment. 
To add volume using a hair dryer, gently grab the hair 2 inches away from the roots, and pull hair in a light stretching motion while focusing the concentrator attachment near the roots of your hair.

What are your tips for perfecting your twist out? Any products you can't live without?

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