Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meet My Daughter Brianna!!

A lot of people wanted a post on my daughter to learn about her hair regimen, maintenance etc. I talked to her last night to see how she felt about making her appearance on my blog and she was thrilled [part of it was because she got to stay up an extra 15 minutes]. 
Meet Brianna; a super-inquisitive, very talkative, extremely tall nine year old. Brianna maintains a regimen that is very much like her attitude. Very low-fuss. Her regimen includes shampooing and conditioning weekly, moisturizing with Silk Elements Silken Child Moisturizer and sealing with Vatika Oil. At night, her hair is tucked away in a loose bun, and she sleeps on a satin pillowcase. 
Brianna's hair is usually styled in two braided pigtails on either side or a low bun. This is less stress on the hair follicles and means less chance of breakage from ponytails holders. Because Brianna is only nine, we have yet to experiment with heat [except for the time great grandma blow-dried her hair *side-eye* lol] but it may be considered in her teenage years.

[ends are protected and ready for bed]

When do you feel it is appropriate for a child to get their hair pressed?

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