Friday, March 26, 2010

Give Me That Hair!! | The Julia Sarr-Jamois Edition + Nars Giveaway!

Oh my. I think I stared at this photo for ten minutes without blinking. I came across her photo while looking for Curlspiration pics; I immediately abandoned the mission, and spent the better part of an hour trying to dig up info on this curly-girl. I absolutely adore her hair and her edgy sense of style. Her name is Julia Sarr-Jamois and she's a 22y/o model-turned-Fashion Editor for Wonderland Magazine. I wish I could recreate this dense, luscious fro, but unfortunately my hair doesn't curl up that tightly. 

In other news, I am close to 200 followers, and I appreciate all of you that tune in and support me with the kind emails, and comments! So for this giveaway, you will have a chance to win my favorite blush [brand new of course]! Taj Mahal by Nars - All you have to do is list your favorite hair product in the comment section below, and I will use Random.Org to select a winner!

The rules are the same as last time, you must be a subscriber, and your entry must be in the comment section by the close of the contest which is 11:59PM April 9th! So this time you have a full week guys! The winner will be announced that following Monday, April 12th!

Good luck to everyone and have a fabulous weekend!


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