Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Screwed Up

Hi Everyone,
I hope you got some time to enjoy the video I posted yesterday. I love their dance moves. I was trying to fix some things on my blog, and I screwed up my look. I will have to get someone who designs these blogs to give me a new look, or maybe keep working on this one. I'm kinda starting to like it. A new look is always good, even though I loved my old look :( I think all of us should hop on the bandwagon with Tiger and Jesse, all the Politicians, ya lets all go out have multiple affairs while it is in vogue and then just say sorry honey when we get busted and then run to rehab! Seriously if their wives who are both gorgeous and rich aren't enough to keep them happy, no amount of rehab is gonna fix their sorry asses LOL!! Glad I have today off to work on this and hopefully it will finally stop raining so I can get some time to sit at the nook this afternoon, so sick of being stuck in the house! FishHawk they have the movie Streets A Fire on Netflixs, can't wait to watch it.
Have a great day,
Take Care,
Janet :)


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