Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yes There is an App for that too!

Hi Everyone,
Happy Friday! What a nasty drive home from work last night. It was down pouring here yesterday. I was glad to get home in time to watch the ice skating competition. As the rain and wind whipped all around the house It brought my mom back to me as we always watched this together. I got a new hairdresser that I met at Target. I loved her Blonde hair color so I asked her who does her hair, come to find out she owns a salon. So I went there Wednesday to get rid of my some of the red in my hair. When I was sitting in the chair waiting as you do for the color to take she gave me some magazines to read. So I was reading Cosmopolitan, wow they have some hot stuff in there LOL! I was reading along and when she came to check my color I almost jumped out of the chair. I felt like a husband who had gotten caught watching a porn flick. We laughed and she said I know you feel like you shouldn't be reading it in public. Then I found this App, OMG just when you think you've seen it all there is more,more, more. When I was leaving all the ladies were up front so I showed them this app. They were all laughing and starting saying things like Wow, OMG, is it $1.99 a position? if so we could all pitch in to get them! It is only $1.99 to own it, so let me tell ya there was a lot of downloading going on in Norwell on Wednesday. You can get it on iTunes. If you download it I hope it helps to make your weekend a little more interesting! Oh and of course it has gotten great reviews. Now if someone out there could tell me how to get it from iTunes to my droid I would appreciate it, I don't think my kids would like me asking them for help with this LOL! If not I am sure eventually I will figure it out. iTunes help was not much help. I thought where it is Friday I would post a couple more funny videos to watch. Any excuse to laugh right? I loved the Eliot Spitzer skit. I heard recently that if you laugh about 20 minutes a day it is similar to a cardio workout. Laughter is good for the heart in more ways then one.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Take Care,
Janet :)

I could not find a good one with no subtitles,but it is still fun to watch.

Your wife's old yoga teacher is in town LMAO! I love Ashton Kutcher


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