Thursday, April 29, 2010

90 Days to a Better You | Not in His Goals, But in His Transitions Man is Great - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here lately, I have been doing a lot of reflecting, prayer, meditation and self discovery; all in the hopes of becoming a better person. As we know, in order to evolve in life, we must first asses our short comings, and work like hell to change them. Assessing those pesky bad habits with an objective eye can be very hard, especially when you find fault within yourself.

Changing your life, begins with changing your attitude; and changing your attitude begins with changing your mindset. So that is where I began. I began to analyze my inner thoughts, challenge my motivation and desires; and I must say through it all, it has been somewhat of a cathartic experience. Granted my life hasn't changed over night, but my outlook [once pessimistic] has changed, my work habits [once a procrastinator] have improved, and my attitude [once cautious and reserved] is slowly blossoming into the person I was meant to be.

I want to share these tips with all of you, in hopes that you too can apply this information to your daily life. I am not here to preach, but to pay it forward. I am breaking this up into 3 easy to digest posts [one a week], to spare you the novel!

Here are a few tasks that should be completed during Day 1 - 30
Decide whether or not you want to make a change. This may sound ludicrous, but changing your mindset requires a considerable amount of commitment. - Are you happy [not content] with your life as it is now? If you aren't happy, but aren't willing to make the change as of yet; ask yourself why. - If you are ready for this undertaking, write out a contract to yourself; in this contract outline your expectations, and consequences should you happen to breach your contract.

Write down your short term, and long term goals. Be as specific as possible; the more specific your goals, the more real your visions become. [Don't worry or stress yourself about setting dates at this point

Organize your goals; [For example. Finances, Career, Education, Marriage]

Assess the motivation behind your goals. Is it greed? Is it to prove yourself? Is it to keep up with the Joneses? Is it pressure? Is it guilt? Or is it passion? The key here is to eliminate the narcissistic motivation behind your goals. In other words, do not let selfishness order your steps. The key to successfully completing this task is h o n e s t y.

Start a journal and record your thoughts about steps 1-4. I recommend writing in a journal at least once a week. Things I normally write about are;
Everyday struggles
How to WIN the battle [between what I know is right, and taking the easy way out]
How to make MORE progress

Take baby steps; work slowly and methodically towards those goals you listed in step 2. Try to put in an hours worth of work each week towards a goal. The purpose of this is to get you used to consistently working towards goals, in hopes that it systematically changes those bad habits that prohibits growth and success. This is part of the re-wiring process. 

As you can see, days 1-30 consists more of writing in your journal and slowly [one hour a week] chipping towards those goals mentioned in step 2. 

Stay tuned next week for days 30-60!  


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