Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Tip #2 My Pre Poo Routine

[This YT vid was filmed in HD; however the vid is still processing, so quality kind of sucks for now]

I always talk about doing anything and everything related to your hair in sections. It is much easier that way. Whether natural [keeps those coils from tangling/snapping], or transitioning [keeps the hair from matting/breaking] you will definitely start to notice a difference in length retention once you utilize this technique.

I detangle in sections!
I shampoo in sections!
I condition in sections!

This quick tip video just gives a basic over-view on how I do my pre-poo routine. I switch back and forth between the mixture demonstrated in my video, and the one from this post [there is also a pretty snazzy ayurvedic recipe]; I do the latter when I have more time. 

Here's a overview on how adding a pre-poo step in your regimen can be beneficial to your hair;

Simply put, using shampoo [especially shampoo's formulated with sulfates] strips the hair of it's natural oils [sebum]. Sebum is very important because it plays a vital role in protecting the protein structure of the hair. Doing a Pre-Poo/Pre-Shampoo Treatment preps the hair by adding moisture, therefore minimizing [in most cases eliminating] the harsh effects of shampoo. 

I used the following products in my video:
Vatika Coconut Oil [this stuff is AMAZING; actually it is better than amazing]
Navratna Oil [This is an Indian Oil I purchased from Pioneer Cash & Carry in Artesia Ca; You can sub your favorite oil if you can't find this one]
Lustrasilk Shea & Mango Butter Conditioner

You may also notice I lightly detangle AFTER adding the oil:
I find it best if I detangle my hair with some type of lubricant; as it acts somewhat like a protectant. I also like to lightly detangle while my hair is dry; it makes the detangling process much smoother later [as you know your hair is at is most fragile point when wet; get those major kinks out while dry, and it should be smooth sailing after your wash].


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