Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't Be Tardy For The Party: My First Boogie Den Experience

This past weekend I attended A&D Vintage's monthly "Boogie Den" in L.A and loved it! Think late night thrifting whilst listening to live music, and sipping on fruity cocktails [open bar]. This isn't like going to your local Goodwill where it's a hit or miss, this is a warehouse chock-full of HAND-PICKED vintage items. They have everything from rompers, to dresses, sweaters, jeans, lingerie, scarves, shoes, and purses! The kicker is that everything on this night is $7 a pound. Yes, $7 a pound. I left that night with a LARGE trash bag full of clothes for $72.

This is how it works; there is a $10 cover to get in, and upon entry you are supplied with a bunch of trash bags to have a place to store your goodies while you dig through bins and bins of clothing for those one of a kind treasures! Everything is categorized to spare you from pulling your hair out [tops in one bin, dresses in another, and so on], and the entire warehouse is yours for the pickin'.

[Found these cool painted doors off to the left of the stage; cool right?]
The warehouse is also open for business by appointment only during the week [between the hours of 8:30am - 4:30pm], however keep in mind that they are wholesalers [they supply a lot of your favorite Etsy & Ebay sellers], so certain restrictions apply in regards to the pricing [see below]. If you want to purchase the clothing at the rate of $7 a pound without any minimum purchase, then attend the Boogie Den on the last Saturday of the month. 

Regular pricing structure is as follows;
$7 pound - 1500lb minimum
$9 pound - 300lb minimum
$11 pound - 50lb minimum

Regular "by the piece" prices are as follows; 
Dresses starting @ $12
Leather Jackets starting @ $18
** She also ships too, so this is perfect for all of you who aren't in the L.A area! Check out her myspace for more details.

Now can you see why it's such a good idea to head out to their monthly party?! If you are in Los Angeles, the next one is June 26th, [from around 8pm - 2am] hopefully I will see you there :D

Silk Top: Thrifted
Harem Pants: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted 
Booties: Jeffrey Campbell
------ + My outfit was less than $5 guys!! [not including the shoes], these are a couple of pieces I scored at that huge estate sale I went to a couple of weeks back. Be sure to keep checking the Penny Saver, Craigslist, and for sales in your area!


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