Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Don't Stop

Hi Everyone, How are ya, I am doing great!! I decided to use some poetry therapy to help me through this week. Hope you like it. I'm looking at life with new eyes and I can't stop thinking about all my tomorrows to come. Just remember if today does not go your way, there is always tomorrow my friend to begin again. Never underestimate the power you possess inside to change your life and your strength will guide you through the darkest of days and nights. Never allow anyone to have power over you, it is never healthy in the long run, you will realize you gave your power to them when you find yourself in a constant state of unhappiness or anger, just take it back, and happiness and peace will be yours. Now I feel like a true motivational speaker like Stuart Smalley, remember him from SNL OMG flashback or what! Happy Birthday Rob, hope you have a great day, I can't believe it has been 36 yrs already since you came into my life, you brought me so much joy when I needed it, so Thank You for that. I'm so proud of how you made it on the radio, because I know that is what you were meant to do.
Thanks for visiting my blog,
Love ya's,
Janet :)


It's a new day for me
setting my old self free,
hitting the road to find
a new spirit inside

I'm unlocking the chains
that have had my soul restrained
Stepping out of the cage,
Going to live life in a whole
new way

Days of the darkest hell
are gone, as I move on,
I will never forget and I
will never lose self respect

Blinded and a fool, until
I saw you
I saw what love should be,
I decided that's for me

As I begin to walk, I will
dance in the light,
Full of joy that is life
This time I'll get it right
I am better thanks to time

Every flower I see will
have such beauty,
Every sunrise and sunset
with be the best
Every breath a new
cleanses me of you
And brings me closer
to my due :)

Rockin Video

In case you forgot Stuart Smalley


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