Monday, June 7, 2010

Talent Is God Given. Be Humble. Fame Is Man-Given. Be Grateful. Conceit Is Self-Given. Be Careful - John Wooden

This was a very relaxing weekend! I took a much needed step away from my cell phone, laptop, and finally turned my alarm off for a change. Yesterday my mom and I stumbled into the coolest little area, and decided to snap a few quick pics for the blog. A few quick pics turned into a full blown photo-shoot with my mom acting as Creative Director and Photographer! Next time I will have to get her into a few pics! - Speaking of mom, In just two short weeks, she will be headed to Africa for the World Cup [I have to admit, I am a tad jelly], so hopefully I will have some cool pics to share with all of you upon her return. 

Before leaving yesterday, I quickly shampooed my hair with Lanza Daily Clarifying shampoo to get rid of any buildup, then I followed up with KeraCare moisturizing shampoo. These two shampoo's are definitely my staples. They are awesome used solo, or in conjunction with one another. Some of you may wonder why I use TWO shampoo's; I use one to gently clean the hair of excess oils, "dirt", and sebum [normally a clarifier], and I always follow up w/a moisturizing shampoo to put some moisture back in the hair and restore the proper PH balance.  After shampooing, I did a 5 minute wash and go, as I was really pressed for time. As a matter of fact, I used some ole' regular gel and just raked it through my hair, doused my hair in cold water so that the curls could find each other, and shook my hair until it got big and fluffy, then let it dry. Of course I had the frizzies in some areas, and it completely shriveled up like an old prune in others; but I didn't mind.

My mom gave me this skirt a while back. Although I love the pattern and colors, I wasn't that fond of it, so I decided to wear it as a dress. I added a belt to spruce it up a little, and paired it with some sandals I hardly ever wear from Aldo. Hours into our excursion I remembered why I hardly ever wore them, sometimes my feet slip down and grip the edge of the doggone shoe. Guess these are going into the Goodwill pile, maybe someone else will have better luck with them [on some days you can get 50% your entire order at Goodwill if you make a donation].
Skirt worn as dress: BCBG
Clutch: Vintage Find
Belt: Vintage Find
Sandals: Aldo


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