Monday, June 28, 2010

I Am Always Doing Things I Can't Do, That's How I Get To Do Them - Pablo Picasso

It's Monday, which means it is time to announce the results of the Ruby Woo Giveaway! Thank you to everyone that entered, I am definitely going to try out some of the recommendations mentioned!  Our winner is; Ms. Princess! Please contact me via the following email address;, and be sure to include your name and address! - Also will Kimberly [Polyvore name KChapman] please contact me; you are the second runner up for Effervescent Evergreen from our Ododo Originals giveaway.

Is it me or are the weekends never long enough? I braved the crowds and mass traffic jams [due to the BET awards] to get out and do some networking & building with a few colleagues this weekend, so needless to say I got very little sleep. I plan to make up for it in the next few days as this Wed Lo & I leave for Chicago, hopefully I will be able to hit the "reset" button and get some serious R&R.

Last night at around 11PM, I attempted a bantu-knot out that resulted in me wetting my hair and slicking it back in a bun this morning. It was an epic FAIL. Maybe I need to watch a few more videos because clearly I missed the mark. I had somewhat of a frizzy hybrid mullet-shag. No bueno. 

My hair in the first set of pics [with the blue & white jumper] is the same twist out I wore all week, I simply re-twisted it and let it "set" for about an hour. What I love about the Miss Jessie's Buttercreme is how soft it kept my hair, as I didn't moisturize it all week. The second set of pics [with the colorful dress] my hair is a bit different, I wet it thoroughly [didn't shampoo, just wet], and re-twisted it [without adding product], then I untwisted my hair while it was still damp, so it gave it more of a curlier almost wash & go type feel. A word to the wise though when attempting this method; as time progresses, your hair will swell to the size of Texas, so if big hair isn't your thing..then let it dry all the way!

Messing around with the shutter speed & exposure on my camera..

Outfit #1
Blue/White Romper: Vintage [Estate Sale]
Gold Bracelets: Forever 21
Beaded Bracelets: H&M
Yellow Clutch Bag: Vintage

Outfit #2
Dress: "Image" -->Some random boutique @ the Beverly Center
Sheer Blue Tights: Forever 21
Shoes: LF
Yellow Clutch Bag: Vintage
Two Finger Hope Ring: Forever 21
Gold Bracelets: Forever 21
Beaded Bracelets: H&M


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