Monday, June 21, 2010

Let Your Hair Down!

Just me in front of the camera having FUN! I can be extremely shy to the point where I avoid social settings w/people I am not familiar with. That is definitely something I have been trying to get over as of late, I must say if feels good to let your hair down and just BE.

As you can see, I took scissors to my hair this weekend and chopped bangs, I was bored with same look and wanted a change. This is just a 3 day old braid-out that I brushed out with a paddle brush to make it a bit wild. I didn't have much time to do any experimenting this weekend as things were a bit hectic, so I plan on doing it over the next few days. I may try flat twisting tonight!

Sorry about the lack of pics/content today, I am extremely s w a m p e d; things will resume back to normal tomorrow!

EDIT: My dress is from FOREVER 21! $9.80 y'all! lol 


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