Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another Sunday Morning: Randoms + How to Date Your Vintage Finds

Vintage Beaded Cardi - I believe this still had the tag on the inside!! This is definitely 80s
Wool Dress - This is the sweetest little dress, it has big buttons down the back, and hook & eye closures. Because of the construction; I am guessing this is 50s - to early 60s. Still working on the dating of this dress.
Super random outfit; horseback riding maybe? lol The suspenders are 50s, shirt 80s, shorts 80s.  The belt is vintage as well; but now that I think about it...I never even payed much attention to date it. The hat is pretty old; I haven't taken a gander inside to check out the label..so I am not sure how old.
70s Silk top and 80s shorts. The belt is vintage as well [haven't checked the label yet]. The headband is the one I made from this post.
Another barely worn dress; from the tag I am guessing this is 80s.

Just got this jacket and quirky mink hat; I haven't attempted to date them yet.

Shirt is definitely 70s, shorts are 80s. Belt is also vintage.

Random 80s Navajo style tapestry jacket, and 80s bustier.

Dating your finds is part of the thrill of treasure hunting! I have compiled a very short [but very useful] list of resources that should help take some of the guess work out of dating pieces. I turn to the Vintage Fashion Guild after every haul, not only are those links helpful; but the entire site as well.

Vintage Fashion Guild [Label Resource]
Vintage Fashion Guild [Quick Tips for Dating Vintage]


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