Monday, May 31, 2010

Christopher's Coming Edited!!

Hi Everyone, How are ya, I am great today, I just got off the phone with Christa and she said she started having contractions last night, I am right Christopher is coming early, Christa feels it too. She said she feels her hips widening too!! So know people I am always right LOL! I had a great time Emily at T Bones this afternoon, thanks for joining me :) Bri learned to ride a bike today with training wheels, the whole time she kept saying faster, faster, and then she rode her cousins power jeep and kept going in circles saying You can't catch me, she's wild and crazy just like me, I love it. I came across this video after the Halfway Gone one finished playing, enjoy!! To all who have served Know your my heroes, especially you Dad
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love ya,
Janet :)

Christa just called she is in labor heading to the hospital it's 10:25pm, I am crying happy tears, she just called again she is already 4 centimeters, will be going to take care of Bri in the very early morning, Her grandfather is taking care of her tonight. Doubt I will sleep tonight, The nurses remembered her LMAO, I knew they would!! I can't explain the feeling, I am going to be doing some celebrating tonight so who wants to join me??? I will get some video to share of Christopher Anthony Pierce meeting his Mimmi and sister Bri, who came into this world on June 1st 2010, I am sure he is so beautiful and it is a beautiful day, spread the love, Wendy I wish you were with us physically, but I know you are with us spiritually, today and always, because love transcends death, congrats again grandma :)

Just arrived at Christa's house to find Bri sleeping in her mom's and dad's bed, tried to wake her up but no luck, I hope she was not scared not seeing them, but probably was, maybe grandpa explained things to her. Now I am staring at Christopher's bassinet, sweet dreams for me tonight :)

Christopher arrived this morning at 8:05am. 7lbs, 2 ounces. He looks alot like his Dad
I think I'll wait until the weekend to celebrate, my ass is tired. After my sister and I bring meals for Dana and Bri for a few days we will be going together to see Christopher, then I am going to bed. She is probably out shopping like crazy, she feels like a grandmother today and that's a good thing. She has been like one for Bri and I reminder her of that today. I am sure Wendy is smiling down on her and all the good she does for her grandchildren.

Song from it's complicated, Love the scene
when Meryl and Steve smoke a joint LOL!


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