Friday, May 28, 2010

Fabulous Hair Candy Giveaway!!! - Courtesy of Ododo Originals

"Effervescent Evergreen"

Hello Ladies! I am pleased to offer our first sponsored giveaway courtesy of Ododo Originals! - This contest will be open until 12AM June 4th; and this time, we will have three lucky winners. It's easy to enter; simply visit Polyvore, and create an outfit inspired by one of the flowers [no multiple entries please]! Post your link to your fabulous Polyvore creation [along with the name of the flower you selected], and Leslie will pick a winner! Simple enough right?

A bit more about Leslie, the creator behind the line:
I'm Nigerian, born in the UK. My family moved around the globe a bit before settling in the States in my early teens. My mother was a quite a fashion plate and passed the gene down to me. I'm an accessories junkie obsessed with hair, but I could rarely find good quality, truly unique hair pieces to purchase in stores. Since I've always been "crafty" and enjoyed crocheting and sewing, I decided to make them myself. I started out a few years ago, altering silk flowers into hair pieces, but soon realized that silk flowers are a dime a dozen and not quite the look I was going for. I played with leather and wood, but they didn't hit the mark. Then, one afternoon,  I walked into a bead store with rows upon rows of various beads in various colours and I saw the possibilities. After several months experimenting with wires and bead sizes and various tools, I ended up with the flowers I sell on Etsy. I try to have something for everyone in every mood, from loud, brassy pieces reminiscent of cabarets to soft, muted flowers that would fit comfortably in the strictest of tearooms.
Here's Leslie's Polyvore Post [You can refer to this for an idea of how to design your set]:

This was inspired by this hair accessory [this color is not included in the giveaway];

Thank you again Leslie for sponsoring this giveaway! I am off to design my Polyvore post!


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